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What is SEO, and why does it matter?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) combines technology + science + technique to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine. In the vastness of the world wide web (www) SEO has become an absolutely essential tool for organisations, enterprises and individuals seeking to get their message out via the web.

Without the aid of a proficient SEO program websites are at risk of being, literally,
lost in space.


When did you first hear of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

This question goes to the heart of Maas’s position in the worldwide SEO marketplace, for Maas’s principals were there at the very beginning of this sector, experimenting and developing from 2002 – before SEO even had a name.

Maas boasts unparalleled experience in SEO in Australia.


When did you last hear of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Very probably in the past 24 hrs — as one of the hundreds of thousands of businesses targeted every day via robot-calls and emails from low cost jurisdictions.

All SEO providers are not created equal. We invite you to carefully consider the profile information in ABOUT and PROFILES before entering SEO arrangements with low-cost providers.

Maas Media Deliver Expert WordPress SEO Services with the exclusive KudoSEO WordPress SEO Plugin

Maas Media is Australia’s leading WordPress SEO agency, offering a wide range of SEO tools, WP SEO services, and the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Partnering with some of the largest and most prolific companies not only within Australia but across the globe, Maas Media deliver excellent search engine optimisation services to the WordPress CMS with our exclusive Kudoseo SEO Plugin

The Maas Media high performance SEO team has spent more than 15 years exploring the world of search engine optimisation, enabling us to provide professional SEO services to our clients, and becoming one of the top SEO companies in the country.

The best SEO Plugin for the WordPress CMS is available now from Maas Media

Maas Media is proud to offer the KudoSEO WordPress SEO plugin to the marketplace for 2019. Consistently ranked as one of the best SEO tools for WordPress, this SEO plugin aims to ensure clients can utilise the skills, talents, and expertise of the Maas Media SEO team through the plugin at any time. KudoSEO has been created to improve SEO across all WordPress websites, and deliver real results to our clients.

Improve the reach of your WordPress Website in the Google Search Engine with the KudoSEO SEO Plugin - SEO Tools for WordPress in 2019

With KudoSEO, Maas Media has developed what is considered to be the best SEO plugin for WordPress. The goals were clear: A ‘business as usual’ approach that significantly boosted WordPress Google SEO while still delivering the pre-SEO view of the optimised website. KudoSEO achieves this through the use of fully embedded SEO articles into core pages within WordPress websites.